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Health, Safety and Environment Policy of Fengbao

1. FENGBAO will strictly follow the laws and regulations of nainonal environment and occupational health and relative requiretments,focus on people, prevent and control the source of hazard, avoid industrial accident and occupational disease;We need to father its root causes and keep reaching the standard for discharge of pollutants which make sure to decrease the quantity of pollutant discharged step by step.

2. FENGBAO will have More and Better Training to employees to improve their awareness of safety and environmental protection , liability ,work skill.So that the emplyee can competent for taking on thire duty.

3. FENGBAO will realize life-cycle prevention of pollution and control by practicing clean production and improving manufacturing technique. Reduction, recycle and safe treatment will be carry on industrialwaste.We are working on developing circle economy to raise the utilization rate of resources and build friendly environment company.

4. increasing the devotion of safety eatablishment,intensifying to correct hidden danger, avoiding industrial accident and occupational disease,pefecting the emergency preplan will reduce the loss of accident.We are attention to offer a safe and a health environment for employees.

5. Effective negotiation and communication are taken on to encourage employees to take part in safety and environmental protection affair by establish staff participating system.

6. Management promise to provide enough resources and make review and evaluation to the environment and profession health of safety management system in order to promote the reforming of the system.

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