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Zeiss scanning electron microscope + Oxford energy spectrometer (SEM + EDS)
Oxygen and nitrogen analyzer
Thermoelectric direct reading spectrometer
Rockwell hardness tester
German Zeiss Stereoscopic Microscope (Research Level)
Flattening Machine
Brinell hardness tester
Plum Impact testing machine
Tensile& Flatlening testing machine
SSC Testing Device
NOEquipment namespecifications and modelsquantityperformance specification
1hydrostatic testing machineMaximum specification 340,maximum test pressure 80MPa1hydraulic test
2Double tube hydraulic testing machine (Φ60.3—177 8)*11 OM Pa 1Hydraulic machine+Drift machine
3Ultrasonic flaw-detecting machine URP350, precision L2 1Vertical and horizontal, layered, thickness measurement. automatic record preservation
4tube end magnetic particle flaw detector Φ60-280 tube end magnetic particle detector, accuracy: A 2# test piece (15/50) 2Magnetic particle inspection at tube end
5Magnetic flux leakage detector QMJL-340. precision L2 1Detection of longitudinal and transverse defects
6Flaw detector (magnetic flux leakage) EMT-60/180, precision L2 3Detection of longitudinal and transverse defects
7Φ89 magnetized Eddy current flaw detector EMT -25/114, precision L2 1Detection of longitudinal and transverse defects
8Flaw detector (eddy curvent) NC-GET114, Precision B 2Detection of longitudinal and transverse defects
9Ultrasonic wall thickness measuring instrument HCH-2000F, precision 0.1 mm 6Thickness test
10metallographic microscope Magnification 50 ~ 800 1metallographic examination
11Zeiss research grade orthostatic intelligent material microscope Magnification12 5 ~ 1 000 2metallographic examination
12Zeiss scanning electron microscope(SEM)Magnification: 5x ~ 1 million x resolution: 3nm1defect detecting
13Oxford Electric Refrigeration X -ray Energy Dispersive Spectrometer(EDS)Energy resolution 127eV1Composition analysis of inclusions
15Heat treatment box resistance furnace0 -1300°2Sample heat treatment
16Impact specimen notch projectorMagnification 50X1Impact gap observation
17Microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machineMaximum test force: 1000kN. Tester level: 0.51Tensile, flattening, expansion test
18Electronic universal material testing machine-high-temperature stretchingGNT3001Stretch, high temperature tensile,flatten
19Metal pendulum impact testing machineMaximum impact energy: 300J1Impact test
20Charpy impact machineNI1501Impact test
21Electro-hydraulic servo steel pipe flattening machineMaximum pressure 2000KN The displacement is 0-700 mm.1Flattening, mouth expansion test
22Charpy impact specimen cryogenic machineMinimum temperature:-60°1Low temperature treatment of impact specimen
23Charpy impact specimen notched automatic broaching machineMaximum tension: 5KN1Processing of V, U notch of impact specimen
24Brinell hardness testerPrecision 0.1 HRC1metallographic examination
25Digital display Rockwell hardness testerPrecision 0.1 HRC1metallographic examination
26direct-reading spectrometer24 elements, precision 1ppm1Chemical composition analysis
27Oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen analyzerPrecision 1 ppm1Analysis of oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen elements
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