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On July 6, the party group member and deputy director of the Henan Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment Jiao Fei and his entourage visited Fengbao Heavy Industry to observe the performance classification of key industries in the province. Li Jingmin, general manager of Fengbao Special Steel and chairman of Fengbao Heavy Industry, accompanied and introduced Related situation.

Jiao Fei and his entourage mainly observed the foundry industry department and trailer bridge industry department. After listening to the company’s environmental protection and project construction, advanced environmental protection facilities, a series of measures for environmental protection, and being rated as an A-level enterprise in the foundry industry After fully enjoying the policy and other aspects of the report, he gave a high evaluation.


Li Jingmin said that the company will continue to work hard, do a good job in environmental protection, give full play to the role of exemplary demonstration and leadership, set a benchmark for performance A-level enterprises in the industry, and lay a solid foundation for the company’s green, sustainable, and high-quality development

Participants in this observation activity include the main responsible comrades of the Atmospheric Department, the Mobile Source Department, and the Law Enforcement Supervision Bureau of the Henan Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment, as well as the responsible comrades in charge of the Ecological Environment Bureau of each province-administered city, and the chief of the Atmospheric Section. Chen Zhiwei, member of the Standing Committee of the Anyang Municipal Party Committee and Executive Deputy Mayor of the Municipal Government, Xue Chonglin, the Deputy Mayor of Anyang City, and Sun Jianduo and Wang Zhiguo, leaders of Linzhou City accompanied the observation.


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