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FENGBAO Steel Slag Multipurpose Utilization Project Introduction

(hereinafter refers to Steel Slag Project)

On 28th, Mar. Steel Slag Project come into use in the steel-melting plant, as one of the multipurpose systematic projects, by which FENGBAO prompt its green development.

In order to improve efficiency of steel slag process, update backward equipment and to achieve environment protection and resources conservation, FENGBAO make a plan to recycle steel slag.

This production line employs modern thermal technology. Each time some amount of hot melting steel slag comes into the thermal pool, then being flattened, cooling, being laid out again, till steel slag fully fills the pool. Through thermal treatment, there still need filtering, magnetic separation, breaking, coarse grinding, after all, the last iron material will be sent back to furnace, the last fine steel slag will be sent to vertical mill production line, finally steel slag powder will come out, which is widely used as raw material for cement production. Bag-type collectors are set up against each dust source.

The Project relates to civil engineering and ancillary facilities, total investment is 30 million Rmb, yearly recycling capacity 300,000MT, steel of slag particle can bring revenue of 38 million Rmb. On the other hand, the project also totally meets  vertical mill production requirements.

By integrated process, steel slag occupies places no more, the pollution and waste come to an end, steel slag additional value greatly is achieved.FENGBAO actively develop environmentally friendly industry, strive for harmony between industrial production and environment protection, in the past 2 years, the total green investment reach 0.12 billion Rmb.

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