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Fengbao Group awarded the advanced model award ceremony in 2018

On the first day of the reunification, Vientiane is renewed, and it is gradually approaching the beat of the New Year. At 19 o’clock on the afternoon of January 20th, Fengbao Special Steel Group held a grand auditor hall on the third floor of the Red Flag Canal Cadre Institute  which is the holy place to spread the spirit of the Red Flag Canal In 2018, the advanced model awarding party, Wang Baoyu, Hao Quanji, Sun Yonghong, Li Wangsheng and other city leaders and the company’s 2018 annual advanced collective, advanced individual, scientific and technological progress awards and other representatives more than 400 people witnessed the grand occasion of the awards, everyone gathered together, singing and dancing, review and summary, The development of Shangyu, commending the advanced, sharing the glorious spirit of labor.20190220100246 20190220100257 20190220100331 20190220100338

Li Jingmin, general manager of Fengbao Special Steel, delivered a speech entitled Dreams and Struggles. He said that in 2018, Fengbao firmly grasped the great opportunity of structural reform of the supply side of the country, and completed a total revenue of 10.6 billion yuan to realize profits and taxes. One billion yuan, the salary of employees has increased by 30% on the basis of continuous improvement. The Group’s investment in the Zhiyuan CCL project was successfully commissioned; the thermal expansion axle project, which is known as the Linzhou Industrial No. 1 Project and included in the “Made in China 2025” strong foundation project, was fully promoted: Fengbao Pipe Industry became the first strategic supply of CNPC Business; ranked among the top 500 private manufacturing companies in China. The achievements and merits of this pile are the result of the technical innovation team, the market development team, the excellent expert team, the advanced model team and all the staff’s hard work and innovation. We would like to express our highest respect and most to you. sincere thanks!

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