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The hot stuffy treatment project with an annual output of 600,000 tons of steel slag started construction in September 2021, and has recently been put into operation on a single line. The project adopts the most advanced steel slag pressurized heat and stuffy treatment patent technology in China, and the supporting patented equipment includes steel slag pressurized heat stuffy tank, steel slag roller crusher, transfer trolley, etc. The main production process includes the rolling crushing process and the pressurized hot stuffy process. The rolling crushing process is mainly to complete the rapid cooling and crushing of the molten steel slag. After this process, the temperature of the molten steel slag can be cooled from about 1600 ℃ to 500 ℃ The particle size is crushed to less than 300mm; the hot and stuffy process with pressure is mainly to complete the stabilization treatment of the steel slag after being crushed by rolling. After the above two processes, the steel slag treatment rate reaches 100%, which realizes the resource treatment and recycling of steel slag. At the same time, the whole production process is green and pollution-free, and the on-site production environment has been qualitatively changed.

The civil construction of the scrap storage yard is under construction. The construction of the clean coal-to-gas project of the Pipe Industry Company has overcome many unfavorable factors such as the impact of the epidemic, and is now nearing completion.

In response to the inspection situation, General Manager Li Jingmin requested that employee training is the top priority of the steel slag treatment project, especially the hot and stuffy process should be standardized to ensure safe production. All positions in the production line will realize skilled operation as soon as possible, and transform advanced technology into productivity. Scrap steel storage yard should do a good job of classified storage planning, and consider the overall appearance of the environment. The coal-to-gas project is a large and complex system. It is necessary to make overall planning and comprehensive consideration, and make sufficient personnel and technical preparations to ensure a successful test run.

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