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On April 20, General Manager Li Jingmin conducted a routine comprehensive safety inspection of Linzhou Datong Logistics Park Co., Ltd., and relevant departments such as Safety Management Department, Environmental Protection Department, and Equipment Department participated. The inspection is carried out in three groups.

General Manager Li Jingmin went to the railway transportation freight yard, Fengbao logistics refueling station, scrap steel company, Lanke sand company, auto repair park, etc., and made a comprehensive understanding of the safety, environmental protection, equipment and fire protection of the entire logistics park.

At the briefing meeting after the inspection, Mr. Li, based on what he learned from the report and the personal inspection, requested that the problems found in the inspection should be treated with caution, those that could be rectified immediately should be rectified immediately, and those that could not be rectified immediately should be included in the rectification items. Correction within a time limit. It also emphasized the effective management and control of dangerous sources and unsafe behavior of people in the logistics park, the planning and centralized management of environmental protection and greening work in the entire logistics park, and the management of key equipment.

The person in charge of the logistics park said that the problems found in the inspection should be rectified immediately, and internal personnel should be organized to conduct re-inspections, sort out the problems, make comprehensive rectifications, and polish the company’s window.

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