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On March 1, 2022, Su Zhonggui, Chairman of Yan’an Jiasheng Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. visited Fengbao Pipe Industry. Li Jingmin, General Manager of Fengbao Special Steel Group and Chairman of Fengbao Pipe Industry, warmly received the guests from the revolutionary holy land of Yan’an. and introduced the relevant situation.

Chairman Su and his entourage visited Fengbao Special Steel Steelmaking Plant and Fengbao Pipe Industry’s world’s first small-diameter three-roll continuous rolling seamless steel pipe unit, and had an in-depth understanding of the whole process of seamless steel pipe manufacturing. After the visit, the two sides had a discussion and opinion exchange.


Chairman Su introduced the basic situation of Jiasheng Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. and the long-term cooperation with PetroChina. He emphasized that Jiasheng, while focusing on product quality, is committed to doing well in oilfield services, and develops suitable oilfield services based on the actual situation of oilfields. The special buckle products, and has a number of patents. Hope to strengthen cooperation with Fengbao in oil casing, and jointly serve the PetroChina system.

After listening to the introduction, Mr. Li first extended a warm welcome to the guests from Yan’an, the holy place of revolution, and highly praised the achievements of Jiasheng Company. He said that doing well in oilfield services is the common goal of everyone, and he expects both parties to make joint efforts in the northwest region to contribute to CNPC’s supply guarantee.

Xiao Yongzhong, Deputy General Manager of Fengbao Special Steel, Jiao Songshan and relevant leaders of Fengbao Pipe Industry participated in the exchange activities.

Yan’an Jiasheng Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. has an annual production capacity of 300,000 tons of oil tubing and casing, and 5 million meters of sucker rods. It is a petroleum equipment manufacturing enterprise located in the old revolutionary area of Northwest China.

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