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On August 11, the Federation of Trade Unions of Fengbao Group transferred a donation of 44384.44 yuan to the Linzhou Charity Federation for “flood fighting and disaster relief”.

In July, continuous heavy rains and severe weather in our city caused many infrastructures to be destroyed and farmland flooded. The disaster affects the hearts of Fengbao employees. Employees have asked about donation methods and account numbers, hoping to do their best to help the people affected by the disaster. The company actively contacted and promoted the fundraising channels and methods to employees in a timely manner through the Fengbao Group Trade Union Federation. During the event, the company’s leadership team members set an example, set an example, and dedicate their love. The majority of employees actively donated money to support flood prevention and disaster relief with practical actions and support the victims to rebuild their beautiful homes. As of August 11, a total of 44,384.44 yuan donations from employees have been received, which was transferred to the designated account of Linzhou Charity Federation in a lump sum in the morning of the same day.

The flood is merciless, Feng Bao has love. In the face of ruthless natural disasters, Fengbao employees enthusiastically donated money, demonstrating Fengbao people’s courage to assume social responsibility and the fine tradition of “one side is in trouble, all parties support”, and it also reflects the Fengbao people’s “iron shoulders forever and hard work” , Unity, forge ahead, innovation and development” the steel soul spirit.

Prior to this, on July 27, Fengbao Group donated 3 million yuan to Linzhou Charity Federation for flood relief.

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