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Zhang Qinghai joined in Fengbao Special Steel Group in 2002y. He started as a contractor and successively served as a caster, deputy captain, captain, and squad leader. Over the past 20 years of work, he has strictly demanded himself, especially after serving as the leader of the monitor, he realized that he has a great responsibility. During work, we should have high standards and strict requirements for ourselves and our employees. He is diligent, constantly learning, and refining his skills.

Under his leadership, his team has won the advanced team for three consecutive years. Today we walked into his work to see how he performed his duties earnestly and worked hard.

Control production must control safety. In the past two years as the monitor, he has performed his duties conscientiously, and there have been no general safety accidents in the class. Especially since the company promoted lean safety last year, he actively responded to the company’s call and led the entire class of employees to carry out lean safety promotion work, so that the awareness of lean safety was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and applied to actual operations. Go to work and get off work safely.”

Grasp the production target step by step. Under the premise of ensuring safety, production has been rising steadily in 2019, 2020, and the first five months of 2021. Regarding the environmental protection indicators issued by the company, the factory and the workshop, he actively convened employees to discuss, study the company’s environmental protection systems, and promote the completion of tasks. There was no environmental accident in this team this year. The increase in output figures and the achievement of zero environmental accidents reflect his organizational ability and the good atmosphere of the unremitting struggle of all employees under his leadership.

“For the change and development of the workshop, the improvement and stability of the index, I am willing to make the greatest effort.” Zhang Qinghai said.

Affectionate words show the most precious qualities of a Fengbao person in the new era. It is people like Zhang Qinghai who have gathered together to become the most solid force in the century-old Fengbao construction journey!

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